Children ages 3 through 12th grade are invited to participate in Vasa Junior Folk Dancers. Practices are held at the American Swedish Institute from 9:00 pm to 10:30 pm on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month beginning in September and concluding in May.

The annual membership fee is $60 per family and is collected by the Parent’s Club. It is used for activities, crafts and parties for the children. The Parent’s Club also organizes several fund raising events in support of the folk dance group.


Dancers wear a folk costume that reflects the province or area they or their ancestors are from in Sweden. Many families enjoy researching their heritage and discovering what was worn where their ancestors lived.

Dancers may also wear the yellow and blue national folk costume. New members will receive information on purchasing costume patterns, supplies, or securing an experienced seamstress.

Vasa Lodge

Parents (and dancers 14 years and older) are encouraged, but not required, to join one of the Twin Cities Vasa Lodges, including: 137-RUNEBERG, 138-STENBOCK, 433-KRONAN, and 488-JOHN MORTON. Parents and dancers are welcome to visit lodge meetings.

What do the Dancers say about the group?

“I like the history and learning about my heritage. We perform at some interesting sites and usually get a special tour.”
-Rutger, age 11

“We always get a treat after each practice and celebrate birthdays too!”
-Taylor, age 5

“My great aunt and uncle were Vasa Jr. Folk Dancers, now I’m one too.”
-Zachary, age 9

“I like to dance, sing and perform in front of groups of people.”
-Laura, age 15

What do Parents say about the participating?

“We wanted to learn more about our family’s Swedish heritage and have included the cultural traditions we’ve learned during the Christmas holiday.”

“The practice schedule isn’t overwhelming and the participation costs are so much less than other types of dance groups.”

“It’s a great opportunity for both children & parents to get involved with.”

“My daughter really enjoys dancing & playing with the other kids, she can’t wait until she is old enough to be chosen as the group’s Santa Lucia.”

Contact Us to Learn More

If you’re interested in joining the Vasa Junior Folk Dancers, please contact us through email: